Manufacturing private label garments is Madison’s expertise.

Private label garments are expertly designed over many weeks or even months by fashion designers, who put together sketches, line drawings, patterns, and other preparation materials. There are a number of necessary steps in the process of manufacturing private label clothing.

With so much work going into preparing custom clothing — why take your private label manufacturing overseas?

From the major and established brand, to the new clothing line just starting out, Madison can help launch your clothing line — or take your established brand to the next level.

Madison has worked with a number of different clients, each with different needs. We’re also located in Bangladesh, Brazil and Cambodia.

Whether you're just starting or well-established, consider Madison as your production facility. Our services, from patterning and grading new clothing design to custom labeling for garments brands, and our commitment to excellence ensures your apparel is of the highest quality.

That's how long it takes on average until we and the customer get to know each other better. Until trust has been formed, and we know that we want to work together long-term. Until we have internalized the customer's personality and the brand's DNA.