Are you an events company with a small team?

Don't have time to spend on clothing purchase and quality control?


Did you ever face that events wear wasn't delivered in time?

Did you ever face the poor quality of purchased clothing?

Did you ever face a large minimum quantity?

Did you ever face the sudden need for bigger warehouse space?

Did you ever face the instability of custom clearance policies which force you to an unknown risk?

 If the answer to any of these questions is "YES," you can and should assign this to a team of real experts.


We will provide a full solution for all our event-holders, which will allow you to spend more time on your business growth. Focus on your beneficial areas and leave the rest to us.

How are we doing this?

1. We will make the perfect supplier chain base in China and Asian countries.

2. We will build a complete quality control system and team to make sure your products are on a stable line.

3. We will ensure flexible purchase quantity to match your financial and storage reality.

4. We will provide the full delivery solution that shall make your purchases like locally.


Premium service:

We can provide you with a warehouse in China, help you deliver your products to the individual customers.


Do you have more questions?

Women's |Men's|Kids|Readymade garment suppllier|Facotry|Manufacturer


Women's |Men's|Kids|Readymade garment suppllier|Facotry|Manufacturer


Not in sportswear and promotion, See our solution for fashion line:

                                                                                  Women's |Men's|Kids|Readymade garment suppllier|Facotry|Manufacturer